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Swanson JRG Grade 7

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Build your own community in 60 seconds

Setting up a CreateDebate site for your classroom takes seconds and costs nothing. Simply choose what type of site you'd like, enter in some details about the site, choose your subdomain, and you're up and running.

A great tool for teaching

classroomCreateDebate encourages students to engage in critical thought and practice persuasive writing skills. Teachers can use CreateDebate to encourage participation of all students, even those who typically do not speak up during class. Sample lesson plans give ideas on how to use CreateDebate in your classroom.

Teachers love CreateDebate

"I've seen a dramatic improvement in my student's persuasive writing ability. I think the site is amazing. My students love it. Many times, I will have students approach me and ask when we are going to use it again in class because they look forward to it so much."

-B. Mountain, Irving, TX.

Track usage closely

CreateDebate makes it simple to keep track of who's online and what sort of activity is taking place on your site. The admin panel allows you to manage and customize your community from a central location. The usage dashboard graphs your community's most important metrics. Know it all!

Manage your students

CreateDebate gives you complete control over who can access your site. It's easy to add or remove users from your site. Your site can be available to only your students or open to everyone on the Internet. With CreateDebate, it's completely up to you.

Pick your privacy option

CreateDebate allows you to have a completely public debate site, a publicly accessible site where you decide who can participate, or a private site only your students can access. Choose the privacy option that meets your needs.

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Grade your students

Give feedback and rate your students participation with your own custom grading rubrics. We track and total your scores and display them for each student.

Customize your site

classroom Show your school pride by uploading your school mascot or any other logo to your site. You can also customize the navigation on your site to meet your class' specific needs. CreateDebate makes it easy to personalize your site for your classroom and make it your own.

Kill spam instantly

CreateDebate makes it easy to quickly delete arguments and debates from your site that you deem to be inappropriate. Community feedback will point you in the right direction. You have ultimate editorial control.


Advanced custom features

CreateDebate's professional team is available to customize your site even further with your own images, CSS, and themes. If you can dream it up, we can make it happen. We offer flexible solutions to meet your budget and timeline. Contact us for a free quote.

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