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RSS Christiansen

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4 points

When the jews went to war it was for land,the definition of war is an armed conflict between country's. When the TWO COUNTY"S went to WAR ARMED with WEAPON'S it technically was still war when they took over the land.

5 points

there is many reason why each country should overtake the land but the advantages over rule on the side of the Palestinians, Israelite's have left multiple times and returned. The thing that caused this controversy was the Israel people were repeatedly leaving and coming back after weeks months and sometimes years, the Palestine people had no idea if they would stay or come back, overtime the Israels didn't show up so the Palestine's decided to take it over.

8 points

On the new article it clearly states that Israel have chose the path of violence by choosing to hire murderers and terrorists

8 points

The Palestine's have lived there for century's and that's all we know, could Israel have owned it once? Yes they could have but we have no documentation on that so we have no other choice but to side with Palestine on this one.

8 points

I think Palestine deserves the land because instead of signing a peace tready to end the war between the two country's, One of the head leaders Abu Mazen joined alliances with terrorist and murderers

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